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Walk-In Closets in Fredericksburg, VA Add Value to a Home

Walk-In Closets in Fredericksburg, VA Add Value to a Home

Posted by engineius in Uncategorized 05 Mar 2016

Walk-In Closets in Fredericksburg, VA Add Value to a Home

A walk-in closet has enough space for one person, at least, to enter. It’s usually a small room that is attached to a bedroom or it can be a stand-alone piece. The dimensions and size of such a closet depend on the amount of space there is in a home to accommodate it. Having walk-in closets in Fredericksburg, VA can significantly increase the value of a property.

More Room

The main purpose of a closet is to organize one’s belongings in a way that is easy to find things when needed. If a homeowner wants to add a walk-in closet, all he or she needs is a space with three walls, and then dimensions can be adjusted per his or her requirements. A standard walk-in closet usually measures 3 feet wide by 6 feet tall.

The Comfort of Walk-In Closets in Fredericksburg VA

Walk-in closets usually incorporate mirrors, drawer, shelves, and a few light fixtures to render them functional. Larger closets will have racks and chairs, too, and possibly even a dressing table.

Efficiency and Organization

These closets offer sufficient space for organizing and storing a person’s bags, shoes, clothes, and other accessories. By storing everything neatly, homeowners find it easier to walk right in and pick what they need to wear in a hurry. The closet can also double as a dressing room which comes in handy when there is a shortage of space in the bedroom to get ready.

Space-Saving Benefits

The interiors of walk-in closets can be exploited with the help of racks and rails. Rails placed one over the other for accessories like belts and ties and pull-out racks for shirts, skirts, and trousers make for tremendous space-saving advantages and do away with the need for loads of drawers.

The Security Benefits

Many homeowners choose to place a small safe inside their closets for storing their valuables since the safe won’t be visible to anyone, and it offers an added layer of security. Should a home be broken into, it will be hard for intruders to pinpoint the location of the safe when it is neatly tucked away in a corner of the closet. That little bit of extra time could be all a homeowner needs to get law enforcement officers on the scene.

Organization Advantages

The benefits of walk-in closets in Fredericksburg, VA by far outweigh the disadvantages. Sometimes, the only reason a home doesn’t yet have such a closet is because the previous owners could not afford one or did not have an adequate reason for one. All one has to do to keep their clothes and accessories in tip-top condition in a walk-in closet is keep the closet free from grime and dust with regular vacuuming and dusting. Some homeowners also choose to rearrange their closets a few times a year to ensure their clothes get some air, and perhaps even to find old clothes they had forgotten about.



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